Meet Chef Jason


Named in tribute to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, 5280 Culinary was founded in 2010 by Executive Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC. In recent years, Chef Jason has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Ace Hardware stores to as our resident grilling expert. 


“5280 is a mindset that encompasses our mentality and that of our entire region,” said Morse, “It’s a mindset that says: “Go BIG. Aim HIGH. Reach. Above. Beyond.” That’s exactly what we do. We will never be satisfied staying at status quo. We aim high. We exceed expectation.


Our Products: 5280 Culinary is purveyor of an exceptional line of spices, rubs and brines used by discriminating home cooks and professionals. And, because the world needs an extraordinary caramel, we created and make available specialized, small-batch, limited edition, handcrafted, off-the-charts Earth Salt Caramels.